Without a beard your face is just a holster.

photo: nathanielyoungphotography.com, line: Curtis Peterschmidt

Beard is thicker than water.

photo & line: Caleb Lindley

The easiest way to say, "I'm in charge."

photo: Bob Gilmore, line: John Neerland

Beardly Measuring Shirt

Your beard deserves a shirt. Get one and see how you measure up. 

When I'm talking to you, look me in the beard.

line, brett knutson; photo, jordan lodge

Build your face a log cabin.

line & photo, Brian Ritchie

Time is measured in weeks, months and beards.

line: Brett Knudson, photo: Elisa Moro, elisamoro.com

The genius strokes his beard. The fool, all else.

line: Curtis Peterschmidt, photo: Elisa Moro, elisamoro.com

A warrior's greatest weapon is not wielded, but grown.

line: Eric Red Peterson, photo: Ryan Clark via Brian Bond

Manliness. You're doing it right.

line: Byron Sadik, photo: John Tullis

Beardly Beard Buddy

We've teamed up with Beard Buddy to bring you a Beardy Hankie.

Wisdom doesn't grow on trees. It grows on faces.

line: Brett Knudson, photo: Elisa Moro, elisamoro.com